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So Far, So Good

Being able to come here, it's almost like a reunion. You see all these guys at the Senior Bowl, the Combine, Draft Day. And now to see them here wearing their team logos, it's a great testament to how hard all of these players have worked.

I'm learning a lot. A lot of current players have talked to us about the rookie wall and having a plan for how to rebound when you hit that wall...because you are going to hit it, there's no way around it. We've also learned about things like how to get your financial bearings and how to be a professional...coming in every day and working hard at your craft.

The Chris Herren story also really caught my attention. It doesn't matter how many times you fall, what matters is how many times you get back up. You're going to have your rough days, your bad practices, but you can't take that practice back. It's all about what you do from now on.

My transition so far has been great. I'm basically playing for my hometown team, and I'm out there learning my playbook, getting affiliated with my new teammates, getting back to playing football the way I know how to. When you first get out there, you have the little jitters, but then you have to slow yourself down and remember you've been doing this your whole life and go out there and perform.

We have some time off before training camp, and some guys are going on little vacations or going to see their families. But one thing you have to do is get to camp in shape because you don't want to go out there in training camp and get left behind.